Lindenlea is possibly one of the smallest neighborhoods in Ottawa, Canada. It has one children’s park, tennis playing courts, and a community centre. It is the earliest planned community in Ottawa, dating back to the end of the First World War.

It is notable for its picturesque architecture, mature trees, and plentiful green space.

One can rarely go by the park without seeing a gathering of children playing in the summer or skating in the winter.

Given the proximity to several of the more notable independant schools, i.e. Elmwood School for Girls, Ahbury College, Fernhill School and MacDonald Cartier School, this neighbour has a strong walkability scale to all the listed schools as well as the expanding neighbourhood shopping district on Beechwood Avenue. With new and interesting restaurants popping up along the Beechwood strip and new infill housing and condominium development increasing the population there has been a burst of coffee shops and boutiques emerge among the established store fronts such as dry cleaners and large grocery stores making this neighbourhood perfect choice providing an affordable and easy liefstyle for growing families.

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