Showing Tips

Preparing to Show your Home

First impressions are Lasting Impressions. You will want to make sure that buyers looking at your home are left with the best possible impression. Nancy O’Dea will help you achieve that goal.

Our Certified Professional Home Stagers are part of our Concierge Service provided when you engage Nancy O’Dea as your Realtor. They will be certain to make recommendations that will put your home’s best front forward for its debut! They will also present you with a proposal for their recommendations and give you the opportunity to ‘do it’ yourself or enlist their services for any changes. Either way it is a winning option.

Home Exterior

  • House exterior in good repair
  • House number easy to read 
  • Eaves troughs, down spouts and soffits in good repair 
  • Garage/car port clean and tidy 
  • Litter picked up 
  • Cracked or broken window panes replaced 
  • Lawns and hedges cut and trimmed, garden weeded and edged 
  • Walks shoveled and salted 
  • Boot tray inside front door 
  • Doorbell and door hardware in good repair 
  • Porch and foyer clean and tidy

Home Interior

  • – Plaster and paint touched-up
  • Doors and cupboards properly closed 
  • Leaky taps and toilets repaired 
  • Burned out light bulbs replaced 
  • Squeaky doors oiled 
  • Mirrors, fixtures, and taps cleaned and polished 
  • Seals around tubs and basins in good repair 
  • Floors cleaned, garbage containers emptied 
  • Inside of closets and cupboards neat and tidy 
  • Appliances cleaned 
  • Countertops neat and polished 
  • All lights turned on 
  • Air conditioner turned on in warm weather 
  • Halls and stairs cleaned 
  • Drapes opened during daylight 
  • Carpets freshly vacuumed 
  • Fresh flowers in various rooms 
  • Jewelry and valuables locked safely away ortaken with you 
  • Valuable property, such as objects of art, vases and figurines out of reach, out of sight, or locked away

Pets absent, where possible, or contained during the showing, and litter boxes clean

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